GMF 2012

GMF - World Trade Fair Guide

World Trade Fair Guide

GMF 2012
It contains all available information, even about the forthcoming years, starting from
January 2012.
The update of the exhibition data ended on 19 March 2012.

The GMF 2012 - World Trade Fair Guide is the most complete, up-to-date and reliable publication in the trade (17,000 exhibitions recorded).
Distributed in 2,000 copies worldwide, the GMF enjoys a wide circulation in Italy, a country known for the disposition of its companies to take part to international trade fairs. The
GMF 2012 online version (exactly the same, only editorial pages and advertising contents) is sent to more than 230,000 email addresses worldwide.

GMF is therefore the ideal instrument for successful
advertisements aimed at the international trade fairs market and the Italian one in particular.

The buyers of GMF range from the small family business to the large multi-national corporations, in all trade areas. Important customers are also the Chambers of Commerce, the regional Foreign Centres of the Chambers of Commerce, the regional Outlets for Internationalization and the Regional Development Agencies (who buy several copies of the guide and pages to advertise their promotional activities), ICE Offices, Trade Associations (industry, commerce, craftsmen, services), export associations, foreign Chambers of Commerce and foreign trade associations, fair organizers, stand builders, shipping companies and other suppliers to the fair industry and some particulars as well (students, researchers, etc.).

Advertisers receive at least one issue of GMF as a proof of the advertisement (minimum order amount EUR 240.00 + Vat). With several advertisers we have special agreements for the supply of the guide in large quantities.

Many sample/trial copies are distributed to perspective advertisers, to the media, hotels, and during some exhibitions (leftovers of the previous issue).

Frequency: annual.
It contains information regarding exhibitions from January to December of the reference year.
The date of the next edition of every exhibition is published as well, where available. Information about multi-year exhibitions are published regardless of the year of carrying out.

Dates and sites of exhibitions may always vary. We decline all responsability for incorrect information. Those who are interested in taking part to an exhibition should check the dates and sites with the organizers.