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Rawls's Egalitarianism
Alexander Kaufman
Cambridge University Press

Pianeta Libri news. Turin, December 1, 2021 –

Book description
This is a new interpretation and analysis of John Rawls's leading theory of distributive justice, which also considers the responding egalitarian theories of scholars such as Richard Arneson, G. A. Cohen, Ronald Dworkin, Martha Nussbaum, John Roemer, and Amartya Sen. Rawls's theory, Kaufman argues, sets out a normative ideal of justice that incorporates an account of the structure and character of relations that are appropriate for members of society viewed as free and equal moral beings. Forging an approach distinct amongst contemporary theories of equality, Rawls offers an alternative to egalitarian justice methodologies that aim primarily to compensate victims for undeserved bad luck. For Rawls, the values that ground the most plausible account of egalitarianism are real equality of economic opportunity combined with the guarantee of a fair distribution of social goods. Kaufman's analysis will be of interest to scholars and advanced students of political theory and political philosophy, particularly those working on justice, and on the work of John Rawls.

‘Kaufman's book is an important contribution to the elaboration of Rawls's theory of distributive justice and its defense against many recent criticisms developed over the past 10–15 years. It should appeal to academic philosophers and political theorists who work on Rawls and on distributive justice more generally, including graduate students and upper level undergraduates.'
Samuel Freeman - Avalon Professor of the Humanities, University of Pennsylvania

‘This book reflects a deep engagement with the work of John Rawls, and it captures both the general spirit and the details of that theory better than the great majority of commentaries. The most prominent criticisms of Rawls's work - including notably those of G. A. Cohen and Amartya Sen - rely on misunderstandings of the target view, and this manuscript goes a long distance toward explaining how and why that is so. Graduate students in philosophy or political science who are writing on Rawls (or on the particular critics considered here) will do very well to read this book, regardless of whether their own work is ultimately in sympathy with Rawls's work or critical of it. Critics of Rawls would also do well to read this book, since that would enable sharper and more sympathetic treatment of Rawls's views in the presentations of their own criticisms.'
Jon Garthoff - University of Tennessee

‘… a learned and engaging book, and it will be of interest to scholars of Rawls and political equality. It pays meticulous attention to Rawls’s particular arguments while keeping his entire political vision in mind.’
Andrius Gališanka Source: Journal of Moral Philosophy


Alexander Kaufman
, University of Georgia
Alexander Kaufman is Associate Professor of political science at the University of Georgia. His research explores the relation of central values of the democratic political tradition to issues in contemporary politics. His work examines the meaning and policy implications of the notions of freedom and equality that are centrally emphasized in the democratic tradition. Kaufman's research investigates these issues in the context of projects that examine the justification of the welfare state and the nature of egalitarian justice.

Rawls's Egalitarianism
Alexander Kaufman
University of Georgia
Cambridge University Press.
First published, Adobe eBook Reader: May 2018
First published, hardback edition: June 2018
First paperback edition: January 2020
Subjects: Political Theory, Politics and International Relations, Philosophy, Political Philosophy
Pages: 288 (X-278)

ISBN: 9781108429115
£ 75.00

ISBN: 9781108453035
£ 24.99

Adobe eBook Reader
ISBN: 9781108696180
$ 26.00 USD

01/12/2021 - 09.54.47

fonte: Cambridge University Press

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