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IFEMA contributes to the Madrid economy to the tune of 3.489 billion euros. New Hall 5.1

• According to a study by consulting firm KPMG, the main sectors to benefit are hospitality and commerce, with a boost of 1.348 billion euros and 10,305 jobs, and transport, which comes away with 694 million and 5,323 jobs • Each international exhibitor leaves 72,579 euros in Madrid, while each foreign visitor leaves 2,468 euros. In the case of Spanish nationals, these figures come in at 60,239 and 572 euros, respectively • 2018 will mark a record level of activity: for the first time the threshold of 100 fairs and 600 congresses, conventions and professional and leisure events will be exceeded • This summer alone, IFEMA allocated 12 million euros to investments in infrastructure, digitalisation and security to reinforce both its positioning and the pulling power of the Madrid economy

PRISMA news. Turin, november 8, 2018 – IFEMA's annual activity pumps revenues worth 3.489 billion euros into Madrid's economy. A contribution to the region's overall wealth that represents 2.51% of the city of Madrid’s GDP and 1.59% of the GDP of the Community of Madrid as a whole. This is clear from the study conducted by the consultancy firm KPMG within the framework of an international macro-study undertaken by the European Major Exhibition Centres Association (EMECA), which involved measuring the data regarding the pulling power of the concentration of trade fair and congress facilities provided by IFEMA and the movement of people attracted to the city as business tourists.

Regarding the employment-generating capacity derived from the concentration of trade fairs and congresses and the influx they foster, KPMG estimates that the overall impact on employment is 18,656 workers generated as a result of IFEMA's activity .

By sector, first among those that directly and strongly benefit are hospitality and commerce, for which IFEMA brings revenues of 1.348 billion euros and 10,305 jobs respectively; that is 47% in economic terms and 55% with respect to jobs created. The second most positively affected sector thanks to trade fair and congress activities is transport, with an estimated impact of 694 million euros (24% of the total) and 5,323 jobs (29% of the employment generated). Ranked third is Industry, which benefits economically to the tune of 488 million euros (17% of the total), while as far as employment is concerned, the third placed sector would be "other service activities", with 1,031 jobs.

The breakdown of the study between the two main measurement indicators raises the impact generated by domestic (Spanish) trade fair participants to 60,239 euros, in the case of the exhibitors, and 572 euros, in the case of visitors.

Moving on to the figures generated by international participants, the figures rise significantly, particularly in the case of visitors, where they are multiplied by almost five. Each overseas exhibitor leaves 72,579 euros in Madrid, with this figure standing at 2,468 euros for each foreign visitor. These facts dictate IFEMA’s prioritisation of hosting international trade fairs and organising major European and world congresses as they represent a greater contribution to the Madrid economy and are, therefore, the main target of IFEMA's activity.

In this context, it is worth noting that Madrid hosts more than half of the international trade fairs held in Spain and is establishing itself, year after year, as a preferred destination for business tourism. In total, Madrid is hosting 43 international trade fairs, 8% more than the previous year, which puts the city in a privileged position with 51% of the market share for international trade fairs in Spain. Following far behind are Barcelona, with 22%, and Valencia, with 7%.

Record year

For IFEMA, 2018 is proving itself to be a record year in terms of activity, which means its contribution to the Madrid economy also continues to rise. It must be highlighted that, for the first time, its calendar will surpass the threshold of one hundred trade fairs. In total, the current financial year will close with 104 trade fairs, 14 of them new, and 10 trade fairs abroad; 600 congresses, conventions and professional and public events; 33,000 participating companies, 6.5% more than the previous year, and 3.5 million visitors, 16% more than in 2017. This spectacular last figure exceeds the number of people living in the city of Madrid.

In this context, it is worth mentioning as the best example of IFEMA's capacity for generating an economic impact that next week, and for the fifth time, the major world trade fair of the pharmaceutical industry, CPhi Worldwide will be held. This fair opens on 9 October and is an example of the economic magnitude of the arrival in Madrid of a world event, the largest held to date in Spain, which will bring together the leading companies and professionals in the pharmaceutical ingredients sector. In total, 2,500 companies and 45,000 specialists from 150 countries will be coming to Madrid, and the event will occupy the entire venue. In just three days, it will have left a total of 330 million euros in its wake in Madrid and exceeded the city's entire hotel capacity.

October is also bringing other events that will generate wealth, such as Madrid Games Week, which will attract 100,000 visitors, and Fruit Attraction, which is set to mobilise up to 1,600 exhibitors and 70,000 visitors from 120 countries, leading to maximum hotel occupancy throughout much of the month.

Investment plan

IFEMA’s Strategic Plan is largely based on the organisation’s capacity to invest in key areas that contribute to the growth target, such as innovation and digitalisation, as well as to conduct actions in areas such as security, connectivity and the provision of infrastructure, with the intention being to position the Madrid Trade Fair and Congress Centre amongst the top international venues, thereby increasing its potential as a global operator. At the same time it is making Madrid a preferred destination for major professional and business tourism events.

For instance, this summer four projects were implemented to which 12 million euros were allocated. The Wi-Fi connection infrastructure has been updated with the installation of a powerful network designed to support high-intensity user scenarios, the first of its kind in Spain. An emergency public address system has also been installed throughout the trade fair premises. Furthermore, a new hall is being built that will provide more exhibition space to the facility, alongside the implementation of a system enabling automated control of vehicular traffic entering the premises via its four different entrances and placing it at the forefront of high security systems amongst European trade fair centres.

The best Wi-Fi network anywhere in Spain

This is a large-scale connectivity project involving an investment totalling €3.4 million, with the finished product being the best Wi-Fi network ever to be installed in Spain. Its installation has made it possible to provide all IFEMA facilities with a state-of-the-art Wi-Fi connection in all active spaces, covering more than 230,000 square metres. With this, IFEMA will be able to offer visitors to its trade fairs a free connection to the network. It will also be possible to expand the range of services offered to exhibiting companies that require wireless installations to carry out their business activities.

This installation, which is a strategic priority to strengthen the positioning of IFEMA through the quality of its services and experience offered to its users, will support more than 64,000 simultaneous connections at present, and up to 100,000 in the future, doubling the maximum number of simultaneous users currently reached by technological events such as the Mobile World Congress. To achieve this it was necessary to install more than 1,100 access points, 2,000 antennas, and 90 kilometres of multimode optical fibre and wiring, and to employ more than 16,000 work hours.

High Security Systems

Security is a crucial aspect for spaces where there is a high concentration of people and vehicular traffic. IFEMA has therefore channelled an investment of 5 million euros into the installation of a new high-security system, aimed at preventing the threat of the use of vehicles against the physical integrity of people inside the venue, as well as against the venue itself and the goods within it. This involves a set of protection devices designed using state-of-the-art barriers centrally integrated into IFEMA’s security operations. This project is complemented by the installation of a new emergency public address system throughout the premises.

The access control system, capable of supporting more than 2,000 daily operations 24 hours a day, has a total of 92 high-performance steel bollards capable of resisting the impacts of freight vehicles travelling at high speeds. The system has been implemented at the four main entrances to IFEMA (South, North, East and West) where each year more than 700,000 vehicles enter, most of them part of the public transport fleet and heavy freight vehicles.

Public address system

Also in the field of security, the comprehensive renovation of IFEMA's public address system has been carried out alongside the incorporation of a new communication channel in case of emergencies. Using the latest technology, it is capable of issuing up to 52 simultaneous and different messages. It includes 5,164 loudspeakers installed in interior spaces, common areas, offices and other spaces, and 472 speakers for the halls. In total it has 204 pieces of multichannel amplification equipment, 1,084 amplifiers, including 1200W, 250W and 500W, and is capable of reaching an acoustic power of 357,000 W.

New Hall 5.1

Finally, and in order to alleviate the overcrowding of the facilities, a new exhibition space has been constructed in a record time of two months, which has been named HALL 5.1. It will be launched for CPhI, expanding IFEMA's floor space to accommodate its different projects.

This hall differs from the other 11 that make up the premises. It is designed around a new layout and using materials that differentiate it from the rest, although it has been built to stay and with cutting-edge specifications capable of hosting all manner of events. This new space is located on the esplanade behind Hall 5 and measures 55 x 85 metres. It has 4,675 square metres of floor space, plus 150 square metres of corridors connecting it with hall 5. It measures seven metres in height at its lowest point, rising to a height of 14 metres at its highest.

All these investments have been driven by and fully paid for with IFEMA's own resources, as established by the IFEMA management and self-financing model. The trade fair centre's activities enable it generate the profits with which to implement the projects and actions necessary position itself at the top of the international pack, and thus continue strengthening its contribution to the economy of Madrid.

For further information:

Marta Cacho | IFEMA Communications and Press Manager | mcacho@ifema.es

08/11/2018 - 09.47.05

fonte: Marta Cacho | IFEMA Communications and Press Manager | mcacho@ifema.es

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