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The 2022 edition of EIMA Green, the exhibition of gardening and landscaping machinery to be held in Bologna from 9 to 13 November presented at Novegro, in the context of Demogreen. An outdoor area dedicated to the E-motion show is new for this edition, with trials of lawn tractors and gardening equipment.
Gardening equipment: the Italian market holding up well

Sales figures for gardening and landscaping equipment indicate a decline in the first half of the year compared to the previous year, but still high volumes. After the boom in the first half of 2021 (+33.7%), the figures for 2022 indicate a drop of 13.6%, which suggests a total number of items sold at the end of the year of around 1,480,000. Variations in the sector's trend may occur - warns the manufacturers' president Renato Cifarelli - as a result of the uncontrolled increase in production costs and therefore in the final price of machinery released on the market

GMF news - World Trade Fair Guide. Turin, September 24, 2022 The new dynamic event of machinery and equipment for gardening and landscaping is called "Garden E-motion", the novelty of the next edition of the EIMA Green gardening exhibition, to be held at the Bologna Exhibition Centre from 9 to 13 November as part of EIMA International.

The E-motion event - organised by FederUnacoma/ Comagarden - will offer practical demonstrations of mechanical equipment, and will flank the traditional static exhibition, set up as usual in halls 33 and 34 of the exhibition centre, near the Aldo Moro entrance. An open-air area covering more than 2 thousand square metres is reserved for the dynamic event and set up with green scenery. Lawn tractors and mowers will be on show, engaged in a circuit with curves and elevations. There will also be other machines, such as bio-shredders, chainsaws and blowers, the latter challenging each other on a small football pitch by pushing a ball.

The EIMA Green exhibition - it was explained during a press conference held this morning at Novegro (Segrate) as part of the Demogreen event - involves the presence of 182 manufacturers in the covered pavilions. The exhibition covers an area of about 10,000 square metres (plus over 2,000 square metres of the testing area) covering all product segments, from lawn care machines to trimmers, from bio-shredders to motor hoes and pruning shears.

"With its expansion brought by the E-motion test area, the Gardening Show is one of the product sections into which the great agricultural machinery event is divided - said Federica Tugnoli, operations secretary of Comagarden, the association that within FederUnacoma represents the manufacturers of gardening machinery, during the press conference, and which directly follows the activities of the EIMA Green exhibition. It is aimed at a public made up of greenskeepers, entrepreneurs, nurseries, tourism and sports facilities operators, as well as hobbyists and enthusiasts who represent an increasingly important target in the gardening market."

With the technologies on display, the audience of its visitors and a programme of meetings and conferences that will deal with topics relating to garden maintenance techniques and urban and sports green design, the EIMA Green exhibition enriches the agro-mechanical show, also covering those market segments relating to multifunctional activities, part-time agriculture and the management of cultivable areas in urban and peri-urban settings.

"The setting of EIMA International in which the EIMA Green exhibition is being held," noted the Comagarden Secretary, "achieves once again the numbers of a major event: to date, more than 1,500 exhibiting industries have formalised their participation, of which a third from abroad representing more than 50 countries. The delegations of foreign entrepreneurs representing 70 countries are also confirmed, organised by FederUnacoma in cooperation with the ICE Agency."

In the first six months of this year, sales of machinery and equipment for gardening and landscaping fell compared to the same period in 2021, although overall volumes remained high. The data - processed by the manufacturers' association Comagarden on the basis of the Morgan statistical sample - indicate a drop in the market of 13.6% over the six months, compared to the impressive growth (+33.7%) that the sector had experienced in the same half of last year.

As a matter of fact - Comagarden explains - the drop in sales does not cancel out the previous year's performance, and the volumes of machinery absorbed by the market are still higher than in 2020 and even compared to pre-Covid 2019. Looking at the main types of equipment, smaller declines compared to the overall average were seen for brushcutters (-10.3%), chainsaws (-12.9%), motor hoes (-10.7%) and blowers/aspirators (-0.7%), while larger declines were seen for lawn mowers (-21%), consumer ride-on mowers (-22.1%), professional ride-on mowers (-67%), hedge trimmers (-20.4%) and trimmers (-16.8%). In the lawn mower segment, robots stood out once again, which have been a growing type for years and closed the half-year with a sales volume essentially equal to that of the previous year (-0.2%). Similarly, battery-powered models, which are found within numerous product types, confirmed the positive trend of the last few years and recorded a minimal drop (-1.3%) in the half-year compared to the previous year.

"The downturn in the market recorded in the first half of the year - explained Renato Cifarelli, President of Comagarden, at a press conference - is partly due to the natural adjustment following last year's boom, and partly to the lack of machinery on the market due to the slowdown in production rates. But it also depends to a large extent on the weather trend, which in the gardening sector is a very influential variable. The long drought and the abnormal heat wave have in fact slowed down the vegetative activity of plants and therefore significantly reduced the demand for maintenance machinery. The weather trend did not change in July, August and September, and therefore it is likely that the market balance at the end of the nine months will still show negative indices. The weather variable, however, is not the only one characterising the sector."

"The staggering increase in the energy bill - the price of natural gas has risen by 371% and that of Brent crude by 47% - and the higher cost of ferrous and plastic materials, on average up by 20%, are causing production costs to rise beyond all expectations - said Cifarelli - and this inevitably affects the final price of mechanical equipment and therefore the propensity to invest on the part of buyers, moreover in an overall economic context that appears to be very uncertain. As of today, projections for the end of the year indicate a total number of mechanical means and implements estimated at about 1,480,000 units, corresponding to a drop of 10.6% compared to the total in 2021 - Cifarelli concluded - but there are difficult months ahead of us, which require constant monitoring."


FEDERUNACOMA - Press and Communication Office
Via Venafro, 5 - 00159 Roma
Tel. +39 0643298254

24/09/2022 - 12:15:47

source: Ufficio Stampa FederUnacoma ufficio.stampa@unacoma.it

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